Monday, October 8, 2012

TV Shows Highlighting Writers 1

From Kate's Writer's Crate...

          As a writer, I spend as much time as possible reading and writing to improve my skills. However, sometimes I need a break.

          Here are a few favorite and inspirational TV programs that often showcase writers, authors, and books:

CBS News Sunday Morning from 9-10:30 AM hosted by Charles Osgood. This is a high quality series that covers news, the arts, heartwarming profiles, history, and pop culture. I love the author profiles. Reporters go to the authors' homes and into their offices or writing spaces to discuss their beginnings, successes, routines, and thoughts. I have found many new favorite authors through this show.

Charlie Rose almost daily on PBS, check local listings. More writers are interviewed on this show than any other that I watch. Mr. Rose invites them to sit at his round oak table in studio for in-depth discussions of their work and lives. I watch all of them, even if the book topics aren't of interest, because these are professional authors sharing their knowledge, writing routines, and advice. Another great way I discover new books.

Book TV weekends on C-SPAN2. I enjoy the author discussion panels from book fairs around the country. This series covers non-fiction authors speaking about their books in various venues. Check the listings on

American Masters on PBS, check local listings. This series profiles authors, artists, actors, musicians--performers of all kinds.

Masterpiece on PBS, Sunday nights and various replays. These are high quality programs and mini-series often based on classic and beloved books. They inspire me to read them.

Once Upon a Time on ABC and Grimm on NBC are both based on fairy tales, but the writers for each show went in divergent, but engaging tangents.

The Next List on CNN hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. People on the cutting edges of various industries, programs, and professions are profiled. Some have written books and articles, but mostly this show opens your mind up to possibilities while highlighting how far passion, hard work, and dedication can take you.

NOVA on PBS, check local listings. Covers many topics and opens the mind to possibilities, too.

Doctor Who on BBC America. A charming and sometimes ruthless Time Lord travels throughout history with human companions meeting famous and infamous people. Author characters like Agatha Christie and Shakespeare make occasional appearances. The plots are well-written. The characters unique. Just fun to watch!

Sherlock Holmes. A writer, famous for his Doctor Who episodes, has modernized the detective in amazing and clever ways on PBS. The CBS version, Elementary, reveals how paying attention to details is essential for good plotting.

Prophets of Science Fiction on the Syfy Channel. While not a genre I often read, the highlighted authors changed the world. Real-life scientists, who invented many modern marvels, discuss how they were inspired by these Sci-Fi books. These authors were truly ahead of their times.

          Writers and authors can and do have big impacts on the lives of others!

What TV shows inspire you and your writing?

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