Monday, December 10, 2012

TV Shows Highlighting Writers 2

From Kate's Writing Crate...

          Writers should spend as much time as possible reading and writing to improve their skills. However, sometimes we need a break--a little time in front of the TV.

          Here are a few more inspirational programs that often showcase writers, authors, and books.

VH1 Storytellers various days and times.

Singer/songwriters play their music and discuss their songwriting in front of live audiences. They share deeply personal as well as humorous stories that inspired both familiar hits and new songs. The lyrics have to be strong, succinct, and memorable as there are as few as 170 words and not many more than 1,000 in most songs. These writers make every word tell--good examples for all writers.

Tavis Smiley, PBS evenings.

A wide range of authors and writers are interviewed by Tavis Smiley along with many other types of performers and people of interest. He spends 30-minutes one-on-one with his guest during each show--although occasionally he has two guests if people work together. He asks in-depth questions about the guests' lives; how they were inspired; how they work; and the responses they receive from their work. I always enjoy learning more about authors I love as well as discovering ones new to me. I find the songwriters interviewed here inspiring as well.

Castle, ABC Mondays at 10pm and in syndication.

A wisecracking crime show where the lead characters Rick Castle, a bestselling mystery writer, and Kate Beckett, a Homicide Detective for the NYPD, met during a case where the murders in some of Castle's books were recreated. After solving the mystery together in the first show, Castle calls his friend, the mayor of New York City, for permission to shadow Beckett at work. Unwillingly, Beckett becomes Castle's muse for his new murder mystery series.

          Now in its fifth season, Castle is seen occasionally writing, but more often plotting as he tries to help the police solve crimes. Real life writers like James Patterson and the late Stephen J. Cannell have made cameo appearances and cutting remarks at the writers' regular poker games.

          Castle is leading the writing life many of us dream of--bestselling author with millions from book sales and movie rights. While he has a wild side, his delightful teenage daughter and his working actress mother, who live with him in his multi-level high rise apartment, keep him grounded. The police officers who work with Beckett have become his friends, mostly, while Beckett has become more than his muse.

Murder By the Book, weekends on Headline News Channel.

Crime and mystery writers discuss the real life murders that inspired them to write their books. Re-enactments as well as clues and interviews with the police officers who investigated the crimes are also included.

The Real Story, Smithsonian Channel on various days and times.

Authors and their famous characters are profiled in this hour-long show. You learn secrets and behind-the-scenes facts about them as well as behind popular movies.

What TV shows inspire you?

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