Thursday, February 7, 2013

Great Writing Tips From EzineArticles

From Cheryl's Writing Crate

My last post was written from my sick bed, my very sick bed, as I battled the flu.  A week later, I'm feeling almost human again, but still not like my usual, perky self.  As a busy mom of 8 kids, I've learned to go with the flow in almost any situation, and being sick is one of them, especially when I'm the one sick!  

Because I'm not back to feeling 100%, I thought for this week's post I would share a wonderful article I read from EzineArticles.  It's a combination of insightful, motivating, and useful tips that every writer can use when in need of some inspiration.   I hope you find a few that will help you continue on your journey to be the best writer you can be, and please feel free to share with others!

Every month @EzineArticles provides well over 100 useful tidbits of information and training - We've gathered some of the best ones from January right here. Retweet any of them for motivation or to share with your Twitter followers.
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Quotes and Ideas
  • "A professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit." -- Richard Bach. Solidify your Expert Author status - don't give up on your articles. 
  • "Every artist was first an amateur." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson. You've got to start somewhere in order to improve. If not now, then when? 
  • "Write with the door closed, rewrite with the door open." -- Stephen King. Write and open yourself up to feedback. 
  • "I firmly believe every book was meant to be written." -- Marchette Chute. You have something to say and your readers want to hear it! 
  • "Style is to forget all styles." -- Jules Renard. Blaze your own writing trail and deliver original work for higher quality. 
Article Writing and Grammar
  • Your title is the first thing people look at - make it count. 
  • Grammar Matters Tip: Advice (noun; guidance) vs. Advise (verb; to offer guidance) ... "Need ADVICE? We can ADVISE you!" 
  • What do i.e., except, advise, bare, and forth have in common? They're all misused too often! Read more at 
  • Silence is golden. Find a quiet spot to produce high-quality, error-free articles at a faster pace.
  • A vs. An - A guide to this indefinitely mind-boggling English rule: 
EzineArticles Tips and Training Snippets
  • Writer's block? Don't get discouraged. Get up, take a walk, and come back later to 
  • Focus on consistency to practice your quality. Write an article a day and you’ll produce superb content in no time. 
  • Starting an article is a great first step; finishing it is even better. Keep working at it! 
  • What's your song? The heart of your passions? Your interests? Share it with readers! 
  • Making mistakes is part of learning. Grow from them and you'll achieve your goals in no time! 
EzineArticles Inside Information
  • Discover how another expert's article on planning, self-confidence, and success can help you write confidently at 
  • Should you use voice transcription software? If it's 8x's faster than writing, then why not?! Join the discussion 
  • Top 7 insider tips to get back on track with your goals to build exposure and increase 
  • Give yourself a little link love by ensuring your author photo is at least 154 pixels tall. Discover why: 
  • Did you know that many Expert Authors featured on our blog were found because they engaged with us on our blog? Why: 
  • Avert disaster by watching out for these top 7 repurposing content snafus: 
Motivational Moments
  • Fill in the blank: To motivate myself to write articles, I _____________. 
  • Don't let quality take a back seat in your articles! Watch the video 
  • Fill in the blank: I was ______ when I thought of my last article. At the store? In line at the bank? At home? 
  • The Article Masters Marathon Challenge: 365 articles. 365 days. Are you ready?! 
  • "I am an inventor and a writer and wordsmith." - Terry Weber, Expert Author. Retweet this if you share Terry's passion! 
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