Monday, March 18, 2013

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From Kate's Writing Crate...


            The Writer's Crate blog is another fun Literary Adventure for me. It has also become my favorite writing project.

In almost seven months, I have written about 15,000 words on topics I never would have written about without this blog. I am proud to have written these posts as I love letting other writers know about books that have helped me grow as a writer as well as lessons I have learned while writing almost 1,400 published articles and essays.
However, I don't just enjoy writing posts; I also enjoy reading them.
I visit all my favorite authors' websites to find out when their next books will be out as well as their thoughts about all things writing.

I also enjoy these blogs:

As I recommend his book The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles so often, no one will be surprised that I read Steven Pressfield's "Writing Wednesdays" posts. As the author of a dozen books, he has years of experience and is willing to share his thoughts on writing in funny and useful ways.
Meg Waite Clayton's First Novels section on her website is inspirational as authors recount their trials and tribulations on the way to becoming published authors. Most take years, but they never gave up. Book recommendations and writing tips are also parts of the site. Also recently posted there was a graduation speech given by author Neil Gaiman including his advice to always make good art—recommended listening for all writers and artists.
Don't Pet Me, I'm Writing, a blog by Tawna Fenske, provides a personal view of the writing and publishing of quirky romantic comedies. It is also irreverent and often edgy as she shares funny thoughts and tales from her life.
Libereading by Rayna: I love the title which Rayna defines as the act of reading freely. She reads an eclectic mix of books, then reviews and rates them. She is also a site editor for Diversify Your Reading.
Kristen Lamb writes a blog called WarriorWriters. She is an expert on managing social media when it comes to authors and their books. She is also the author of Are You There Blog? It's Me, Writer which Cheryl and I read before we began our blog. I find her to be helpful, funny, and inspiring.
As I have stated before, I think blogging is a great way to improve your writing. You have: the freedom to choose the topics to keep you interested; the pressure of a weekly or daily deadline to keep you writing and, if you choose to (and I highly recommend that you do), a hard word count to help you make every word tell. All things that make writing fun, stronger, and inspired!     
What blogs do you enjoy reading?

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