Monday, July 29, 2013

Take Time to Ponder

From Kate's Writing Crate...

            I don't need a lot of sleep so I could be considered a night owl, but I really am a morning person. I love to be up as the sun rises, listening to the birds as they start to sing—a solitary call here and there before they start overlapping each other in their daily chorus.

            That's when I reach for the notebook by my bed and a pen with a light in the tip and start jotting my thoughts down. If I feel really ambitious, I quietly make my way to my computer and start to work there.
            I don't feel superior to those still sleeping, just lucky that I am awake to see the glorious sunrise and feel inspired to write. The day's responsibilities aren't upon me yet. I can think and surmise and reflect. I can write without the pressures I feel later in the day when other people, errands, chores, and business editing and writing deadlines demand my attention and energy.
            I am often surprised at where my thoughts lead me during these quiet moments: a dream I barely remember, a phrase in a conversation, a memory, or a plot twist. Whatever comes to my mind is written down, considered, questioned, expanded, and pondered.
What a fantastic life writers lead! Not many people get to ponder.

            It takes time to ponder and to write. Time we aren't given, but have to take for ourselves, our muse, our gift. It's easier to find this time at the very beginning and the end of days when other people in our lives are sleeping. Then they don't know we are stealing away to commune with ourselves. They don't interrupt or make us feel guilty. They are asleep and we are awake, aware, and writing.
            I am excited as I work my thoughts and ideas into sentences, then paragraphs building them into articles, columns, and posts. I revel in my writing when I complete a piece I love, a piece that forever captures my take on life.
            My main take on life is to take the time to do what I love. Taking sounds selfish, but time is an essential part of the writing process—so no guilt, take the time to write!

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