Monday, December 30, 2013

2014 Writing Resolutions

From Kate's Writing Crate…

        Like most years, my 2013 writing resolutions became hopeful targets rather than hard and fast goals.
They were:
Write every day.
Write 52 blog posts.
Continue to co-write and/or edit articles for trade publications.
Take another writing class.
Finish my novel.
        The reality:
                I wrote almost every day so I feel okay with that one.
                I did write and publish 52 posts.
                I did not co-write an article, but I did edit a big project.
                Due to unexpected family situations, I did not take     another writing class.
                For the same reasons, I did not finish my novel.
        Professional writers write no matter what—and despite the unexpected events—I never missed a paid assignment or blog deadline. That was what I could manage in the circumstances and I am proud of the quality of my articles, essays, and posts.
A writing class is a way to challenge myself to work harder and write better. I have enough deadlines in my life, but adding another pulls more writing out of me. I enjoyed meeting new people and learning from a brilliant teacher, but family comes first so I feel no guilt that I did not have time to take another class.
I did not finish my novel partly due to the unexpected events and partly due to the fact that I'm not sure I am a novelist. I think my writing strengths lie in other directions.
        In light of that, my 2014 writing resolutions are:
Write every day.
Write 52 blog posts.
                Write, co-write, and/or edit for trade publications or big projects.
                Write a book by writing a page a day.
                Write a poem.

        I'll let you know how these resolutions work out next year.
What are your New Year's writing resolutions?

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