Thursday, October 9, 2014

Inspiring "Author" Blogs

Happy Thursday Evening!

Last night at this time, I was sitting amongst a group of about 200 writing and reading enthusiasts--99% women!  (But to be fair, the five men in the audience were definitely noticed and very much appreciated!)

So--where was I? It was with great pleasure that I attended the 6th Annual "Evening With Authors"--presented by Rhode Island's own Book Lover Extraordinaire and Radio Talk Show Host Robin Kall Hominoff--which benefits Breast Cancer Awareness Month as well as keeps an excited reader-junkie audience on the edge of their seats!

As a side note--my "Writer's Crate" blogging partner, Kate Phillips, was my partner in crime last evening, and I truly believe it was one of the best "Literary Adventures" we have yet to attend.

Let me explain. I've been privileged to be writing for Kate for over 12 years now! We have experienced many "literary" adventures together during this time--a combination of both professional and personal delightful adventures. Kate is one of those editors that takes writing to a whole new level! She makes my published writing shine like the North Star and the many facets of writing that I've gleaned from her editorial finesse has taken my writing to grand, new heights!

Not every blog or post will resonate with each of us, but if you're connected with writers you love, something will surely grab your attention if you read them on a regular basis!

Today's post is all about inspired beginnings! The three authors we heard from last night were beyond amazing and entertaining! I would like to share their websites and blogs with you.  

Dani Shapiro   --  Moments of Being

John Searles   Help For The Haunted

Susan Jane Gilman   A View From Abroad 

I'm not advocating that you'll become these three authors biggest fans, but I do encourage that you explore new writers so that you can broaden your own horizons through even one or two of their messages and lessons.

Do you have a favorite writing blog that makes you tick?  Please share your thoughts with us!

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