Monday, November 3, 2014

Writing Weather: National Novel Writing Month

From Kate's Writing Crate…
          Every day is a writing day, but some days are easier than others. Deadlines motivate me as do projects I love, but I am also influenced by the weather.
Rainy and snowy days are perfect writing days. I generally write in the mornings, but "bad" weather means I will stay at my desk longer.
Sometimes I take walks in the rain, but, generally, I prefer to hear it hit the roof and windows as I write. Snow makes me especially grateful to work from home. The weather provides atmosphere; it's not an obstacle.
In the same 24 hours, I get much more done during the days of late fall and winter compared to spring and summer. There are simply less excuses to leave my office when it's cold outside. Then factor in the early darkness. The sun setting before 5pm makes me feel like hibernating which again means more writing time.
A project also helps keep me writing and November is National Novel Writing Month. However, as I have previously stated in my post "Deadlines are Essential" dated 11/5/12, January or February would be a better choice for this project. Thanksgiving and preparing for the December holidays take up a lot of time in November. It's also my favorite time of year—and I want to enjoy it--so I have no problem changing this deadline.
I wish success to all who are writing their 50,000-word novels in November.
Wish me well when I write mine during a colder, darker, stormier, uninterrupted-by-holidays January.

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