Monday, March 2, 2015

Sitting at My Desk

From Kate’s Writing Crate…

          In the winter, I sit at my desk more often. Dedication? Boredom? Cabin fever? Don’t know, but I can’t just sit there without writing. I have the time, the opportunity, so, even without inspiration, I write.

          I entice myself to sit there by putting a birdfeeder outside my office window. I think of it as an ‘air-quarium’ as all the color and activity soothes, mesmerizes, and entertains without have to clean out a fish tank.

          I may watch the birds for a moment or two or for a while—however long it takes until I start writing. The birds keep me from walking away too quickly.

          More writing is pulled out of me when I give it a venue. Thoughts—conscious, unconscious, or from my muse—appear on the page. I often surprise myself with phrases, sentences, and topics I don’t remember choosing.

This is my favorite kind of writing. It may or may not lead to essays, blog posts, or other projects, but it’s always gratifying. I have done my work. I have written. 

          This is what makes us writers. Lots of people write when they have assignments, speeches, or reports. Writers write without these goals just to discover and capture thoughts or distill our lives. It’s how we function.

          I love the feel of a pen in my hand. The way it sits between my thumb and forefinger while resting on the writer’s callous on my middle finger. I love the blurry lines of ink filling my notebook as I scrawl across the pages. I love the stacks of notebooks I have filled over the years.

          I love the feel and sound of the keyboard as I type in an uneven tempo as thoughts ebb and flow through my mind. I love the ease of saving, printing, reviewing and rewriting then publishing to this blog or emailing articles to magazines.

          This is tangible proof that I’m a writer—not to mention all the pens, notebooks, paper, and toner I have stockpiled—but it all starts with sitting at my desk inspired or not.

          Take a seat. Be a writer.

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