Monday, May 11, 2015

Reads for Writers: A Cup of Comfort for Writers edited by Colleen Sell

From Kate’s Writing Crate…

          Even if writing is a better way to spend your day, it can be difficult and frustrating. Sometimes we just need a few words of encouragement, support, or inspiration to keep us motivated. Having A Cup of Comfort for Writers: Inspirational Stories that Celebrate the Literary Life edited by Colleen Sell on a shelf nearby can help.

          Writers write for a variety of reasons. Writers who continue to write in spite of obstacles, rejection, and loss are inspiring. These are their stories.

          This is a book of short essays you dip into. I like to open anthologies like these randomly and read until I’m ready to write if I can’t get started or if I’m questioning myself. Writing is solitary work, but support is essential. Take it where you can get it.

          If you believe in signs from the universe, read “Hummingbird’s Journey” by Cassie Premo Steele on page 1. If you want to believe in yourself, enjoy “The Day I Turned Scarlett” by Kathleen Gerard on page 49. If you live with other people who interrupt your writing time, learn from “A New Point of View” by Samantha Ducloux Waltz on page 76. And if you want to see family support for writers in action, “The Write Mother” by Judy L. Adourian on page 269 teaches many wonderful lessons.

          Every essay offers wisdom, views from other paths taken, and /or moments all writers can relate to—good and bad. Being a writer isn’t easy, but it’s the choice we’ve made. We are in this together. Sharing our experiences makes the choice clearer and our resolve stronger.

          I received this book as a gift from a writer friend. I will be giving copies as gifts to other writer friends. It’s that kind of a book.

Please note: If you read my post on graphology dated 4/6/15, I discussed the literary trait in handwriting—any e’s and cursive lowercase r’s that look similar to a reversed 3. On the cover of A Cup of Comfort for Writers, three of these r’s appear in “for Writers”.


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