Monday, September 14, 2015

Get to the Fight!

From Kate’s Writing Crate…

          Half the battle of writing, for me, is getting started. Every morning, the short walk to my desk is suddenly filled with mental obstacles like chores I should finish, errands I need to run, shopping I have to do, family obligations, etc. It’s amazing the number of excuses my mind can conjure up—some of which do derail my day. Conversely, when I’m working through my To-Do List, all I long to do is write.

          Once I sit at my desk, the rest of the battle begins.

On a good day, I open a document, reread what I wrote then dive in. My fingers fly across the keyboard capturing my thoughts. I fight to find the right words and discover new ideas. It’s exhilarating!

          On “bad” days, I cannot think of what to write next. I feel blocked. I have doubts about my ability. When this happens, I have learned to switch to another project immediately. Don’t dwell even if the deadline for the first project is close.

          The key is to write. Don’t face a blank page. Have a list of projects and subjects to inspire you on days like this. Build on previous writing. Look in your monthly notebook for ideas. Write Six-Word Memoirs—a quick and fun endeavor that can alleviate stress. (See post dated 9/10/12 or visit, home of the Six-Word Memoir project.) Do whatever it takes to jump start your writing. Once you are in the groove, you can switch back to the first project.

          You want to get to the fight to find the right words and discover new ideas as soon as possible each day. That’s when you write things you didn’t even know you wanted to say in ways you hadn’t considered saying them all in your own voice.

That’s what makes fighting all the battles to write worth it!

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