Monday, April 18, 2016

Dazzled by Nature

From Kate’s Writing Crate…

          After all the time I’ve spent reading and writing about Mary Oliver’s poetry, I’m observing and writing about nature more often.

I was up earlier than usual one day so I took the dogs outside at 5:42 AM a few weeks ago. As we walked out the door, a practically full moon was shining through the many tangled branches of a large maple tree. It was so bright, we could see our shadows.

          When we walked around the corner of the house, the rosy hue of a rising sun was visible along the horizon. Turning my head back to the moon, it looked dark as midnight. Turning back to the sun, it was clearly the break of day.

          We all know night turns into day, but I had never seen it happen this majestically. Both sides had staked their territory. I could only marvel at the beauty of the moment and promise myself I would see this battle again.

          Up and outside minutes earlier than usual meant I witnessed moonlight and daylight in a way I never imagined—in a way I’ll never forget.

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