Monday, March 6, 2017

Working Writers Meet Deadlines No Matter What

From Kate’s Writing Crate…

          A working writer doesn’t have the luxury of waiting for inspiration. If there’s a deadline, it must be met on the page—not in your hopes or dreams. It must also be met in spite of any setbacks—personal or professional.

          I’ve had a tough week, but my blog post is due. So instead of wallowing in cookie dough ice cream or rereading a favorite book in bed, I’m at my desk writing. It’s difficult, but this is what I signed up for when I became a working writer.

          Unlike my previous career in Corporate America, I have no co-worker who can step in for me so I can take some time off. If I haven’t written blog posts in advance then I am at my desk even if exhausted, sick, or heartbroken. When the magazines are at deadline, I work. The printing company waits for no one; the workers go on to the next job that’s ready if I miss that deadline. Then the magazines are delivered late. Advertisers complain or pull ads. Soon, no more magazines. So I work no matter what.

          Lots of people romanticize the writing life. Get up when you wish, write when you wish, live as you wish. I wish that were true, but when you have worked hard for assignments and therefore deadlines, you write them on time, no excuses. A working writer learns not to procrastinate. If you miss deadlines, assignments and jobs dry up as no editor wants to work with unreliable writers.

However, life happens. People and pets you love get sick and die. Accidents occur. Illnesses strike. Not on a schedule, just out of the blue. Be prepared to write anyway—that’s what working writers do.

      Word count for the week of February 26-March 4 is 9,687.   

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