Monday, April 15, 2013

Writing in Comfort Almost Anywhere in a Folding Writer's Chair

From Kate's Writing Crate... 

This is not a paid endorsement--just a chair style I discovered, love, and want to share with other writers because it gives us the freedom to create in comfort anywhere.  

I love to write. I have a notebook and several pens near me at all times in case inspiration strikes, but it's uncomfortable to write for long without a desk and chair so imagine my excitement when I discovered a folding writer's chair. Yes, I know it's technically considered a student's chair, but I am a writer so it's a writer's chair for me.     
         You remember the efficient furniture we

used in school--desks attached to chairs.

They're easy to slide around a room, but

difficult to pick up and move any real
distance. Convenient, but not mobile—until

            I can take my folding writer's chair with the
tablet arm into any room in the house or out
on the porch. In a city, I'd take out on to a

            I can take it out in the yard to be with family and/or the dogs and write as long as I wish. It's a bit unwieldy, but I can take it to the woods where I walk the dogs and sit writing while serenaded by birds, feeling the cool breeze, completely surrounded and inspired by nature.     
I can get up early and record my thoughts as the sun rises then later turn the desk around to enjoy the gorgeous sunset outside pen in hand, notebook on desk.    
I can put it in the car and go to a park. I can use it at the outdoor summer concerts in town sitting at the edge of the crowd inspired by live music. I can take it to a beach, lake, river, or pond.     
I also bought a pen with a light in the tip so I can write under the stars. That's truly inspiring! I feel at once both infinitesmal and infinite as part of an awe-inspiring universe. It opens my mind to all sorts of possibilities.     
Now I can't wait until the fireflies arrive. I can sit out at dusk and watch them flash each other. I've always felt they were magical—nature's twinkling lights decorating our yards in celebration of warm weather. And now my glowing pen and I can be writing outside with them, a part of the magic.

Does writing comfortably anywhere appeal to you?


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