Monday, February 3, 2014

Out-of-Order Readers

From Kate's Writing Crate…
        As a writer and a reader, I appreciate how much hard work goes into writing one book let alone a series. Thinking through the plotlines, backstories, and over arcing themes takes a lot of effort. Building up characters, relationships, and tension, while keeping a page-turning pace, is not easy. The big payoff is in reading the books in order to reach the climax where everything makes sense.
So could someone please explain to me why there are out-of-order readers?
I loaned a four-book series to an avid reader I thought I knew well. I mentioned to her that each book picked up right where the last book left off. She read the last book first then told me that. Why? There were only four books, how hard is it to read them in order? And why bother reading the first three now?

I have met several people lately who have asked me if the books have to be read in order when I recommend a series. The question baffles me. Of course they should be read that way. The author put a lot of effort into writing his or her books in a certain order. You get to know the characters, see how they grow and develop so why not read them that way? What's the big deal?
Are these people rebels? Lazy? I don't understand why they bother reading series books. There are plenty of stand-alone books. Why not stick to those?
If you are an out-of-order reader, please explain why. Thank you.

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