Monday, January 9, 2017

2017 Writing Projects List

From Kate’s Writing Crate…

As a magazine editor and contributing writer, I have paid assignments for two magazines. As a freelance editor, I have paid projects. As a freelance writer, I have goals I’ve set for myself. I plan on writing about 410,000 words in finished pieces this year.

          Here is my current 2017 writing project list:

Magazine assignments:
(numbers will change as page counts go up or down by eight pages depending on ads)

12 Thoughts from the Editor columns, 450-500 words each
20 Q&A articles, 1,200-1,400 words each
50 articles, 800-1,200 words each
4 book columns, 500-1,000 words each
52 Facebook thoughts/book reviews, 250-500 words each
Total: about 100,000 words published

52 posts, 250-500 words each
                                                Total: about 18,000 words

4 articles, 1,000-1,500                   
Total: about 4,000 words


         Finish roughing out the plot.
Writing in proper format.
                                      Total: about 10,000 words

          Still roughing out the details.
          Notes and text, about 30,000 words
                                                Total: about 30,000 words

Fill 12 notebooks (80 pages each) with jottings a la Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg, about 20,000 words each
                                                Total: about 240,000 words

Backpack Literature, 300-500—depends on assignments I audit
                                                Total: about 10,000 words

My planned word count total for 2017 is over 410,000, using averages. 
(Before editing and rewriting, the count will be over 500,000.)

I’ll post the actual word counts weekly to better keep me on track.

January 1-7 word count:

          Facebook    259
          Blog Posts   398 (current and future posts)
          Screenplay    75
          Book            181
          Notebook   3,403

              Total       4,316   


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