Monday, January 2, 2017

Changing Things Up Again

From Kate’s Writing Crate…

Turns out writing a weekly post for four years and four months is a hard habit to break. I couldn’t miss my deadline so I gave some more thought to what I really want to change—and it’s the number of Reads for Writers' book reviews.

Writing two or three book reviews a month is stressful. It made reading less fun as I had to find and read books worthy of review because the author’s writing was so good it would inspire other writers to write. Now I will post book reviews as I discover ones I want to share instead of on a regimented basis.

Also, I’m now making this more of a working writer’s blog. While I will continue to write posts to inspire people to write in general, I’m also going to write about working on my projects as well as what really goes on during production and deadline for two monthly magazines.

          For anyone curious about what one working writer and editor does, now you’ll know. I also hope keeping you apprised of my works-in-progress will inspire me to work harder, too.

          Keep writing!

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