Monday, August 19, 2013

The Writers' Room: TV Show for Writers 4

From Kate's Writing Crate…

        I was flipping through the guide for my cable channels when I saw The Writers' Room appear on the Sundance Channel. On Mondays at 10pm with repeats throughout the week, you can see a group of writers discussing the plots and lines of the different TV shows they work on.

        I am always fascinated to discover how other writers work whether they write books, articles, columns, blogs, or TV shows. Granted writing for TV is far different than writing other things, but when you get to hear how it is done maybe it is the career for you.

        What most appeals to me is the camaraderie the TV writers have together. They get to bounce ideas off each other, get immediate feedback, and build on each other's ideas and lines to create TV shows like Breaking Bad, Parks and Recreation, and Dexter.

        If only all writing was such fun. However, most of us go to a "writer's room" by ourselves and wrench the words, ideas, and plots out of our imagination and write them down. We have to get past our internal editor that mocks us. Trust that we know what we are doing and where we are going even if only subconsciously. And show up every day whether we want to or not so we can get our work done even though it may take years to complete.

We do not get immediate feedback. Sometimes we lose our way. And, unless we have writers for friends, we don't receive much sympathy or support when our writing isn't going well.

But we do have the satisfaction of knowing that we are keeping faith with our deepest wish to be writers. Every time we pick up a pen or pencil or start to type, we are doing what we love no matter how difficult or frustrating. And we also know the exhilaration of good days when words are pouring out of us.

Remember every word you write is one word closer to finishing your novel, screenplay, short story, or whatever project you are working on. Just keep faith in yourself and, one day, you will write the last word of that project.

How do you keep faith with your writing dreams?

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