Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fruit For Thought

From Cheryl's Writing Crate

Currently, I'm at a point in my life where I'm a bit overwhelmed.  Not only am I adjusting to the new school year with 6 of my 8 children, I've also taken on two new jobs (both of which I absolutely love) and am at the tail end of a home decorating project that I started nearly two years ago.  Throw in the mix three sick kids who all have sinus infections and horrific coughs and a dishwasher that is still on the fritz and I wonder to myself "what will be next?"

Wait--don't anyone answer that question!  Pretend I didn't say a word!  

Last week I decided I needed a "writer's time out" because I felt my creativity was stifled due to all the things in our home that had been breaking down.  My fix was quite simple--I took an afternoon off and headed to the beach.  I can't think of a more wonderful time to hit the seashore than after the summer crowds have all dwindled down and resumed their "normal" lives.  Not only is the beach absolutely beautiful at this time of year, but it also acts as a source of peace and comfort to me--a person who is usually on the go 24/7 and doesn't know when to slow down.

With sick kids, a bum dishwasher and new job responsibilities all thrown in the mix I realized I hadn't made any time for my true passion--writing, for at least the past three weeks.  With literally no extra time to spare this week I decided I would kill two birds with one stone and visit our local farmers' market to gather up some of our favorite seasonal fruits and veggies but to also tap into my creative writing juices.

I went with a list in hand of what I needed to purchase for my family's meals, but I also brought along my favorite pocket journal and gave myself a little challenge to complete as I shopped--to write a short story about the farmers' market and the mysterious discovery of $100,000 worth of diamonds mixed in with a crop of butternut squash.

I know--silly right?  I thought so at first also but the more I thought about the possibility of finding a hidden treasure of diamonds amongst a crop of squash, the more excited my mind became as it raced furiously to come up with a short story that was interesting and believable all at the same time.

This exercise was very random but very cathartic.  It took my mind off of all the small troubles I'm currently experiencing and helped me tap into my most creative self.

I am enjoying thinking outside the box to stoke new ideas to write about but also realized that no matter how busy I am or how many things in our home aren't working quite up to snuff, there will always be new experiences and people I've just met to focus on and bring to life on my pages.

Does visiting your favorite store inspire your muse?

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