Thursday, May 22, 2014

Gone Fishing!

From Cheryl's Writing Crate

Hello All!

As an extremely detail-oriented person who loves to make lists and accomplish everything (and then some) on those lists on a daily basis, it's been extremely unlike me not to post to this blog for two weeks in a row.

One thing that has made it's way to my lists and doesn't want to seem to leave is a whopping good case of pneumonia.  I thought I was on the mend last week only to have a relapse and if I can be completely honest--I'm really not feeling much better even now.

With that said, I have missed posting to The Writer's Crate terribly so I'm stopping by to let you know that I hope and pray to be back next week.  I'm optimistic that I can get back and share all about my exciting visit to New York City where I spent a full day with one of my editors at Macmillan Publishers.  Though I went sick with pneumonia (not a very wise move on my part--I completely admit!) I still had an amazing day with one of the world's largest publishers!

Until then-----

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