Monday, May 5, 2014

The Importance of a Writing Buddy

From Kate's Writing Crate… 
        As much as many of us like solitude, no writer is an island. Our family members, friends, co-workers, and even strangers we watch as we go through our days inspire us. Where would we be without conversations—overheard or otherwise—tales of childhood, romances, heartaches, and who-done-me-wrongs?

        Whether you are published or not, writing is hard work. Support is imperative. It can be difficult to find, especially among non-writers, so get yourself a writing buddy as soon as possible.

        I got lucky, really lucky, when Cheryl contacted me about writing for the magazines I edit. She made me laugh when she explained she hadn't been out of the house much in a decade except to go to the delivery room as she is a mother of eight children born within 11 years.

Talented, gregarious, funny, and supportive, Cheryl is, as I often tell her, an "It Girl."

She is the author of Pregnant Women Don't Eat Cabbage. She is Mighty Mommy, a professional blogger for MacMillan Publishing and now a part of the Huffington Post; author of the Mighty Mommy book slated for 2015; a columnist for three or four other publications; a book reviewer; a magazine staff writer; and working on her first novel all while raising her children and working a "regular" job. She has been interviewed about her book on a statewide morning show and given talks to large crowds as well. She is also the voluntary driving force and editor behind the local middle school's newspaper.

How she finds the time to write, I don't know, but she does—and she writes for this blog, too. I am so grateful she asked me to co-write it with her as it's been the best writing forum for me. After 87 posts, I'm a more disciplined, succinct, and better writer. I'm more confident in my work and even brave enough now to send articles to national magazines and work on a book of essays. And I owe it all to Cheryl.

I have no doubt that she will be a New York Times bestselling author as well as a regular on a national morning show. (One of them should snap her up now!) She shares, usually with humor, the best parenting advice having been a mother for over 20 years. Her eight children are happy, well-adjusted, and able to overcome challenges—which is what most parents want for their offspring, too.

Cheryl is also kind, caring, and the greatest of friends. Our Literary Adventures are full of fun. Plus we love to discuss and dissect books as readers and writers.

We are writing more because of the mutual support. I could not ask for a better writing buddy!

Make the time to find one of your own.

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