Monday, August 15, 2016

A Chance to Connect with Readers

From Kate’s Writing Crate…

          Every book I look at on my shelves inspires me. These authors could not know how their work would be received, but they persevered. What if they gave up and didn’t finish their work? How much poorer my life would be without their books.

          We cannot judge how our work will affect others. We can only complete our work and give it a chance to be discovered, a chance to connect with readers.

          Focus on writing even as you take in life around you wherever that may be. Jot down impressions and notes if you can’t stop and write full sentences.

Be persistent.

Writing is an adventure. You can plot where you want to go, but twists and turns appear on the page regardless.

          Writing happens on so many levels: what you see or hear now, what happened in the past, what you imagine—and what you don’t.

          You cannot imagine exactly how your life will be changed when you send your work out into the world, but, for writers, that’s what we do.

          Imagine that. Be inspired by that. Do that.

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